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Flashbacks from Stonehenge

Blackening out among the stones and dreaming of lives past

rain 4 °C


Drums. Thumping. Driving
The rhythm hypnotic
Punching my chest with each beat.

The Druids are circling, chanting
Their melodies entrancing.
I dont recognise the language.
I do feel its power.

Torches of flame spit at the rain
and dance to the drums
Partnered to their shadows on the great stone.

Intoxicated with the aural assault,
I look down at my hands.
They are those of a man much older than I,
and they are stained in blood.

I look past them to the ground.
The dancing flames produce a silhouette
of a warrior, large and wide,
with what appears as a mighty helm of horns.

I search within, search deep to find myself,
and I find its true inhabitant.
But he is waiting also.

With a crack of the sky, the man mountain jolts,
and the vessels true owner has become a passenger also.

Silence suffocates the circle.
The winds howl a warning through the surrounding trees.

Suddenly the body feels electrified.
Alive and pulsing it raises its mighty arms
as if discovering them for the first time.
And on the cue the drums give chase,
this time twice as loud and twice as punishing.

The new inhabitant is a god.
A god of the wood the bodies owner tells me,
and apparently we have been chosen.

I feel the old gods excitement.
I can taste its rampant euphoria.
Its mind swoons,
racing with the riotous pace of the drums.

Through the dark abyss above,
The light of the night mothers eye pierces.
Its illuminous sight fixes upon the centre stone.
And the maiden perched on top of it.

Ink black hair and naked,
for all but a necklace made of crow skulls.
The ancient spirit see her,
just a moment after I.

Then the hunger erupts.
Its longing has laid as a dormant volcano.
For a time of countless moons.
Longing for the touch of flesh.

Too long it had been waiting.
And now, back in human form,
insanity takes over.

And with a herald of drums and wind and flames,
it roars an unholy roar


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